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“Sociology: Theory, Methods and Marketing” is the Ukraine’s leading sociological academic journal which publishes original peer-reviewed theoretical and methodological articles, innovative papers which report findings of empirical research using both quantitative and qualitative methods in the wide range of sociological topics and contribute to the improvement of methodological support of research, and the accounts which inform about the scholarly discussions and the results of academic activity of Ukrainian sociological community at both national and international levels, particularly regarding its communication and cooperation with the world sociological community.
The objective of the journal is to develop professional sociological knowledge and academic expertise through the publication of outstanding articles and the reports on the results of advanced innovative research on social issues and processes, on the newest methodological and empirical findings of Ukrainian and foreign sociologists and actual theoretical studies of contemporary sociology. The journal encourages submission of original papers which expand the framework of current sociological experience, represent new sociological ideas and propose innovative conceptual and methodological approaches in sociological research.
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  • Book reviews and critical essays
  • Sociological education
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The editorial board of the journal "Sociology: theory, methodology, marketing" functions in accordance with the norms of the international standards, which was established by the Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE).

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This journal provides open access to all published materials half a year after they are published.

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About the Journal

Published since: 1998
Periodicity: quarterly
Founder: Institute of Sociology of the NAS of Ukraine
Transliteration of the title in Ukrainian: Sotsiologiya: teoriya, metody, marketing
The title in English: Sociology: theory, methods, marketing
ISSN: 1563-3713 (print), 2663-5143 (online)