Integration in Migration Studies Today: notes on the two IMISCOE conferences held before the world lockdown

stmm. 2020 (2): 163-170



PhD in History, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Methodology and Methods of Sociology, Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (12, Shovkovychna St., Kyiv, 01021)

https://orcid. org/0000-0002-0272-7110

The two IMISCO conferences (The coming age of migration studies: debating the evolution and impact of a research field and Moving, Living, Investing and “Surviving: housing and migrations in uncertain times, both held in Lisbon on February 5–7th, 2020) were devoted to conceptual, theoretical and practical developments of the interdisciplinary research field and brought integration talks to the forefront. The author, who was among the participants of the events, provides a snapshot of the main ideas discussed in Lisbon: a need for migration studies decolonization and internationalization, systemic knowledge accumulation through the new instruments (IMISCOE Research Network, Taxonomy System), enhanced science-society and science-policy dialogues on migration. It is suggested that, on the way to becoming an integral part of the global research network, local scholars should provide data continuity, promote international publications and connect their research to the strategic agenda.