Modernisation of Ukrainian society: The current state, challenges and prospects from experts’ standpoint

stmm. 2020 (1): 41-65

UDC 316.722


Gulbarshyn Chepurko - Doctor of Sciences in Sociology, Head of the Department of SocialExpertise, Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences ofUkraine (Kyiv).


Abstract. The paper provides a deeper understanding of the modernisation-driven processes taking place in Ukraine nowadays. Answers to the following questions have been analysed: a) What is the impact of these processes on the economic, political and socio-cultural domains of Ukrainian society? b) How well are different areas / aspects of social life in this country modernised so far? c) How significant is the contribution of different power structures and social institutions to modernisation in Ukraine? d) What seems to impede this process the most? The data of an expert survey conducted by the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (May–June 2019) constituted the empirical basis for the analysis. The survey participants were also asked to reflect on a country (-ies) whose experience in implementing modernisation-oriented reforms Ukraine might draw upon. The author notes that transformation processes occurring in our country often do not follow a consistent pattern. What will be the goal / tasks of necessary change remains an open question. Finally, it is suggested that the attribute of modernisation should be defined as a successful transformation facilitating progressive development.

The main problems in the process of modernization are corruption, the unwillingness of the majority of the population to modernize, the inability of political forces to initiate this process, lack of understanding of the need for integrated implementation of these reforms, taking into account all spheres of public life. A very important issue of modernization is establishing a constructive dialogue between the authorities and the society, and between individual social groups and layers. These problems should be the object of scientific research to reflect on ways of developing the national economy in the long run.

Keywords: modernisation of society, economic modernisation, political modernisation, social modernisation, cultural modernisation, corruption, paternalism.

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